Footpath 10: not much changes

A recent post reported problems with Footpath 10 over Toot Hill. However difficulties with this path are by no means a current phenomenon.  This photo shows the late Mark Pennell replacing a waymarker on Footpath 10 in 2000. Norfolk County Council had just installed a new waymarker here a couple of days previously, but it had almost immediately been removed (!)Mark Pennell installing way marker on Footpath 10, Beachamwell

Many thanks to Sue Pennell for this picture. Sue has been a persistent and tenacious guardian of our rights of way in Beachamwell since moving to the village in 1976, and  Footpath 10 warrants a large file in her correspondence with NCC Highways over the years. However she points out that when she first came to Beachamwell nearly all the rights of way were impassable, so there has been a great improvement over the years, even though some problems continue.

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