Beachamwell PRoWs – network update

Apologies for the break in transmission. Hoping for more regular communications in future!!

Since my last post here the trend in the signing and condition of rights of way in Beachamwell has definitely been for the better. The Warren Heritage Trail in Beachamwell  (more news on this to follow) not only has its own signs but probably even more significantly all junctions with the Trail have also been fullly signed and this has led to a great improvement at some points.

One of the new signs recently erected on the footpath network

One of the new signs recently erected on the Beachamwell Public Rights of Way network

Also earlier in the year the four remaining junctions of paths with metalled roads had their statutorily required fingerposts installed. Unfortunately a post at another junction – Bridleway 11 with the Swaffham Road (opposite the Cockley Cley road junction) has now mysteriously disappeared. Norfolk Highways have promised to re-place it.

Grass-cutting on paths in the summer by Highways has helped keep paths clear, and generally the network is passable throughout. Cross field paths are the most likely to suffer problems following cultivation or by growth of crops. Footpath 10 over Toot Hill is regularly ploughed out but usually re-instated (eventually). Just now the northern section has again been cultivated and the line of the path lost.

Southern section of Footpath 10 currently well-marked through crops

Southern section of Footpath 10 is currently well-marked through crops

Although the pig huts have now gone from Footpath 21 subsequent cultivation there means that the line of the footpath is still not walkable.

The one major obstruction is the longstanding (20 years to my knowledge) problem at Hall Barn involving Footpath 13 and Bridleway 19a.

One of the obstructions affecting Bridleway 19a and Footpath 13

One of the obstructions affecting Bridleway 19a and Footpath 13

Beachamwell Parish Council has been pushing  during the past year to get this matter resolved but the disappointing truth is that nothing much has happened on the ground. Re-organisation of departments at Norfolk County Council earlier this year probably hasn’t helped but recently more positive messages have been coming back from the Countryside Access department and so we live in hope of an eventual resolution.

If you know if any problems or issues with PRoWs in Beachamwell – or have any other comments – please use the ‘Leave a reply’ link on this page or send a message via the Contact page. Thanks.



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  1. Carole Wilson

    Thank you Philip for your post, most interesting. We use the footpaths a lot and think the new finger posts are rather wonderful. Did not know it was called the Warren Heritage Trail, a very apt title. Keep up the good work.


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